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Lane’s End

Time spent here is time well spent🌞

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Lanes End
Lanes End
Apr 26, 2018

Lane's End is springing to life. The newly sprouted grass is effervescent. The ponies are scampering around the pasture, thrilled to be out and about and nibbling on green green sugar grass. We have two new calves, thanks to our wonderful farmer friend (we affectionately renamed "the Hobbit") who houses our mini-Dexters over winter. It seems two of his Jersey's fell in love with two of our Dexter cows and started a family. We don't often think of weeds, mowing, and chasing cows on the loose at this time of year. Visions of wildflower patches, and vegetable patches and summer time guests dance in our heads. I'm thinking a sodded grass roof for the tack room shed with goats g…

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